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5 best landlord policies of 2020


Landlord insurance

The search for more efficient investments.

If your a landlord with a portfolio of multiple properties, keeping them all insured can eat into your profit margin, but this a necessary expense. Keeping your expenses down and income up by keeping those rental units filled is the best way to ensure your successful with your real estate investments. So I've compiled a list of potential companies with good rates for landlords with rental properties. Keep in mind, there are lots of variables, where the rental is located, size and cost of the rental unit, weather its a 1 family 2 family or more, as well as other factors. So here are some companies that are great for landlords looking for an efficient policy (a comprehensive policy covering everything you need with a good price) These companies have very high claims ratings, the last thing you want is your company looking for a loophole so they dont have to pay when a claim arises. 


Best policy for a single family rental home.


This is a very comprehensive policy, and reasonably priced, if you own under ten rental units this is my favorite.


Best policy if you own multiple units 10 or more


If you own more than 10 rental units American modern is probably your best bet, its very comprehensive, and made specialy to cover this type of risk.

Best policy if you're in the military.


Very high satisfaction and great discouts for military members. 


Best cheap policy


Great claims service, and great rate this is my second favorite company for landlords with under 10 rental units.




This is not as common, but some landlords have mobile homes they rent out, there are only a few companies that cover this type of risk, and foremost is a big one. They usually have the best rate on these, and they are a Farmers owned company, so there also great at taking care of there customers during a claim. 

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